Type Mechanical Component
SubType Mechanical Component
TT 0.3000
Markup 100.00%
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Cost/M (%) TODO
Level Name Type SubType Materials Cost Cost/M Cost/M(%)
1 Discipline Potion Blueprint Mechanical Component Mechanical Component
10Animal Eye Oil
10Hurricane Cocktail
0.70 0.7034 100.49%
Level Blueprint Type SubType Materials
2 ROCTEC M1-LF Finder (L) Blueprint (L) Tool Finder
5Dianthus Crystal Powder
2Discipline Potion
2Folk Ingot
1Ignisium Ingot
100Mai Tai Cocktail
120ROCKtropia Record
5 Holly ECO P14 (L) Blueprint (L) Weapon Weapon
50Charisma Potion
35Discipline Potion
5Kevin Rudolf - To The Sky Flip Flop
100Lysterium Ingot
5 Holly ECO R14 (L) Blueprint (L) Weapon Weapon
60Discipline Potion
70Luck Potion
100Lysterium Ingot
25ROCKtropia Record
1Wolf Paw
5 Spam Shin Guards (L) Blueprint (L) Armor Armor Part
5Discipline Potion
5Luck Potion
30Lysterium Ingot
20Open Source Code
1ROCKtropia Telemans Coin
7 Vincent DPS P28 (L) Blueprint (L) Weapon Weapon
35Discipline Potion
30Hard Work Potion
40Megan ingot
50Mojito Cocktail
35Tears Potion
1Zombie Rotting Flesh
9 Vincent DPS P43 (L) Blueprint Weapon Weapon
30Discipline Potion
30Focus Potion
30Optimism Potion
20Pyrite Ingot
70Reggea Ingot
50Vincent DPS P43 Death Vinyl
10Werewolf Blood
10Werewolf Bone
11 Holly ECO P56 (L) Blueprint Weapon Weapon
20Dianthus Crystal Powder
40Discipline Potion
40Focus Potion
100Grunge Ingot
135Hard Ingot
50Holly ECO P56 Death Vinyl
1Motorhead - Bomber Album
5Silver Party Flask
12 Holly ECO P72 (L) Blueprint Weapon Weapon
20Caldorite ingot
200Discipline Potion
40Failure Potion
1Golden Shaker
50Holly ECO P72 Death Vinyl
1Rocktropia War Bond Blueprint (L)
13 Vincent DPS P74 (L) Blueprint (L) Weapon Weapon
30Big Daddy's Nut Potion
30Charisma Potion
100Discipline Potion
30Ignisium Ingot
100Luck Potion
5Morrison Wing