Items - Natural Materials --> Cyclops Wrist Guard

Name: Cyclops Wrist Guard
Type: Natural Materials
SubType: N/A
Economy [item]
TT: 0.0100
Markup: 100.00%
Links: [Entropiawiki]
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Designs which require the item

Level Blueprint Item Type SubType Material
Sword Of Justice (L) Blueprint (L)Sword Of Justice (L)WeaponMelee - Longblade
7Angelite Crystal
7Apophyllite Crystal
18Atacamite Crystal
15Cyclops Arm
20Cyclops Eye
30Cyclops Leg
25Cyclops Pouch
40Cyclops Wrist Guard
Sword Of Prudence (L) Blueprint (L)Sword Of Prudence (L)WeaponMelee - Longblade
6Angelite Crystal
5Apophyllite Crystal
10Cyclops Eye
20Cyclops Leg
15Cyclops Pouch
30Cyclops Wrist Guard
Sword Of Wisdom (L) Blueprint (L)Sword Of Wisdom (L)WeaponMelee - Longblade
5Angelite Crystal
2Apophyllite Crystal
15Cyclops Leg
10Cyclops Pouch
25Cyclops Wrist Guard
Sword Of Courage (L) Blueprint (L)Sword Of Courage (L)WeaponMelee - Longblade
9Apophyllite Crystal
15Atacamite Crystal
20Atlantasite Crystal
20Bornite Crystal
35Cyclops Arm
25Cyclops Club
40Cyclops Eye
50Cyclops Leg
45Cyclops Pouch
60Cyclops Wrist Guard
Sword Of Fortitude (L) Blueprint (L)Sword of Fortitude (L)WeaponMelee - Longblade
7Apophyllite Crystal
8Atacamite Crystal
4Bornite Crystal
25Cyclops Arm
15Cyclops Club
30Cyclops Eye
40Cyclops Leg
35Cyclops Pouch
50Cyclops Wrist Guard