2015-10-05 - Bob the Builder BETA
The next version of Bob the Builder is now taking form and most of the functions are now ready to be used.
The major change is the switch to a modern mobile first user interface. It is built with Bootstrap and is fully responsive so it can even be used in your smart phone.
The Inventory Wizard is not ready yet and a few of the calculations are not in place, but the major parts of the site is up and running. Try it out now!

Go to the Bob the Builder BETA

2015-09-25 - Something big is coming...
I'm working on something big for Bob the Builder.

2014-12-31 - No major updates in 2014
No major updates of Bob the Builder in 2014.
Blueprints, designs and items are updated at least once a month.

2013-09-07 - Duplicates
Duplicates items and blueprints inserted into the database. This is caused by all the name changes in Entropia and that it takes time to update the names in all source databases.

Update the names in Entropedia to the correct ones.

2013-03-12 - Price calculations fixed
There have been some issues with the price calculations when market prices are missing.
This has now been fixed. Missing market prices are now considered to be the same as TT.

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2018-07-14Ziplex D33 (L) Blueprint (L)insert
2018-07-14Weapon Economy Enhancer VIII Blueprint (L)insert
2018-07-14Weapon Economy Enhancer IX Blueprint (L)insert
2018-07-14Weapon Economy Enhancer V Blueprint (L)insert
2018-07-14Terra Amp 5 (L) Blueprint (L)insert
2018-07-14Rage 35 (L) Blueprint (L)insert
2018-07-14Pulsar Armour Plate 5 (L) Blueprintinsert
2018-07-14Pitbull Mk III (C,L) Blueprint (L)insert
2018-07-14Mining Finder Range Enhancer IX Blueprint (L)insert
2018-07-14Mining Finder Range Enhancer VI Blueprint (L)insert

2018-07-14Explosive Projectiles Recycle IV Blueprint (L)update
2018-07-14Explosive Projectiles Recycle I Blueprint (L)update
2018-07-14Explosive Projectiles Recycle II Blueprint (L)update
2018-07-14Explosive Projectiles Recycle III Blueprint (L)update
2018-07-14Armor Tech Gizmo VIII blueprintupdate
2018-07-14Armor Tech Gizmo VII blueprintupdate
2018-07-14Armor Tech Gizmo VI blueprintupdate
2018-07-14Armor Tech Gizmo V Blueprintupdate
2018-07-14Armor Tech Gizmo IV Blueprintupdate
2018-07-14Armor Tech Gizmo III Blueprintupdate

2018-07-14Bonding Liquidupdate
2018-07-14Samar Shoes (C)update
2018-07-14Reilly Boots (C)update
2018-07-14Sun Cap (C)update
2018-07-14Bono Shades (C)update
2018-07-14Chili Sombrero (C)update
2018-07-14Trix Stiletto Heels (C)update
2018-07-14Mannell shoes (C)update
2018-07-14Dino Shoes (C)update
2018-07-14Fresher Boots (C)update

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