Bob the Builder is no more

I've decided today (2020-09-02) that this site will shutdown. It was a tough decision and it makes me a bit sad. It has lived with me for a long time and even if my interest in the site has decreased over time it has always been there.

It has lived for a very long time. Soon 17 years! I think that all other sites about Entropia from that time have died for a long time ago. New have come and died during this time. Maybe this site has run its course. Maybe it should have died earlier.

There are several reasons:
1. I don't play Entropia Universe much. Just a couple of times per year. I just don't know how it works any more.
2. Changes over the years has broken functionality which requires a lot of work to fix.
3. Other sites that I used for data have shutdown and no new sites have come...except
4. The number of visistors are dropping. It might of course be caused of the above reasons.
5. There are lots of work that needs to be done and my interest in that investment in time isn't there.

I've used as major source of data and I think that you should use it as well.

Would it be possible for someone to take over and continue the work? I don't think so. The site needs a major overhaul and it is better to write a new one and fix some of the issues right away instead of trying to fix them in the old code.

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