2013-09-07 - Duplicates
Duplicates items and blueprints inserted into the database. This is caused by all the name changes in Entropia and that it takes time to update the names in all source databases.

Update the names in Entropedia to the correct ones.

2013-03-12 - Price calculations fixed
There have been some issues with the price calculations when market prices are missing.
This has now been fixed. Missing market prices are now considered to be the same as TT.

2012-10-19 - Levels are now displayed correctly
Both blueprint and item detail pages still displayed the item levels instead of the BP levels even after item levels were removed.
BP levels are now used on those pages.

2012-10-16 - Sorting and table design
New sorting with jQuery plugin tablesorter is being added.
All tables will at the same time get a new look. The work will continue until all tables are updated.

2012-10-15 - Inventory wizard - Sorting
Table sorter jQuery plugin implemented in the inventory wizard. A really nice plugin that fixes the sorting perfectly.

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